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Here is How I Can Help You.

50’s+ & Cardiac Rehabilitation

A fun, friendly and sociable class for men and women of all abilities. Work on strength, balance, cardio and posture at your pace and a level that suits you to make your day to day activities easier. With great music and fun atmosphere you’ll leave feeling more confident armed with the knowledge to work on your posture, balance and movement outside of class.


Fully qualified in Pilates and Fitness Pilates this is a group exercise class using the original teachings, principles and exercises of Joseph Pilates, delivered in a modern and functional way.

This class addresses basic postural imbalances, improves back and core strength and enhances mobility and flexibility in a non-intimidating, fun and enjoyable classes set to music. Using moves to achieve a stronger leaner body, improved posture, stronger back and abs and better awareness of your body and movement. Exercises are performed sitting, standing, kneeling or in a chair if that’s appropriate for you, with and without equipment.

It’s an all-inclusive programme designed to strengthen weaker areas of the body and is suitable for all levels of fitness and the general healthy adult.


This class appeals to women of all ages from the young to the young at heart. For beginner and all levels of fitness. In this fun and easy to do class you can’t help but lose yourself in the music to burn loads of calories and get fit without feeling like you are working out! It doesn’t matter if you are new, can’t dance or not coordinated just come for a fun workout. Leave feeling confident, happy and good about yourself.

Legs, Bums & Tums

This class works your whole lower body aiming to tone your thighs, bum and stomach.

It is a conditioning workout mainly without any equipment. You begin in standing and then latterly on the floor toning all those areas while getting our heart rate up.

Its short and sharp however modifications are always given and you ultimately decide how hard you workout.

Tuesday’s 10am An online class.

Men on Mats

Pilates as devised by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago, improves strength, flexibility (often much needed in men), balance, posture and control of the body.

With functional exercises and a whole-body approach Pilates:

*Compliments sporting activities helping to reduce injury and improve performance

*Improves balance, mobility and flexibility making life a little easier (eg being able to put on socks and shoes)

*Learn to move effectively and efficiently during work and play

*Increase your mind-body awareness

*Helps counteract poor posture from manual work, driving or sitting at a desk

*Can reduce aches, pains and back pain

*Increases flexibility creating longer, leaner more agile muscles

*Focus on movement and clear your mind from the stresses of the day

*Improves core abdominal and back muscles.



1-2-1 Sessions

Older adults are my specialty. 1-2-1 sessions would suit you if you don’t feel able or want to go to a class. Maybe you want to feel more confident walking or you have had a fall or feel at risk of one and need specific exercises. Or you want to work on flexibility or relaxation. Whatever the reason, together we spend time and attention only on YOU with a personalised session.

Seated Fitness

Older adults are my specialty.

This class can be completely seated or a mix of both.

The aims of this session are:

  • Improve balance & confidence
  • Improve posture
  • Strengthen key muscles
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase joint stability and mobility
  • Improve coordination
  • Reduce risk of falls


Corporate Fitness

A fit workforce is a happy workforce.

Sessions can be run online to ensure your workforce is able to function at their full potential and reduce sickness rates due to sitting at a desk all day, poor lifting and carrying technique or from driving all day.

Work from your desk or from a dedicated space for your session.

Fusion Fitness

A great session of a mash up of up to three disciplines in one go.

You will guarantee to get your heart rate up, tone and tighten, strengthen and lengthen.

The session varies weekly and runs as an online calendar month block or you can pop in for a one off.

Here is What My Clients Are Saying.

“I find the Body Harmony class that Angela takes is a great mix of Pilates and yoga – great for stretching, toning, posture and balance. It doesn’t matter what your ability is – the class is friendly and everyone is made to feel welcome. It finishes with a wonderful ten minute relaxation – a ‘mini meditation if you like -that, in my opinion, makes it all worth while – I feel I am left with a wonderful feeling of calm. Overall I just find the class a great mix and it’s great that the moves are not the same every week”.

Caroline, Cardross

“Having had back problems on and off for years, over the years I had consulted 3 different physiotherapists not for any reason other than time and availability. Each had a different reason for the back problems. When I attended Angela’s Fitness Pilates classes and found an emphasis on posture, each of the physiotherapists diagnosis made sense. Now I understand that the problems that I suffered stemmed from bad posture. So many thanks to Angela and Pilates for solving my problems and meantime I am trying to concentrate on improving my posture”.

Carol, Rosneath

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Claim Your FREE "High Intensity Interval Training" Home Workout Video

To claim your FREE home video workout, click on the button below and enter your details.