Men on Mats

Pilates as devised by Joseph Pilates nearly 100 years ago, improves strength, flexibility (often much needed in men), balance, posture and control of the body.


With functional exercises and a whole-body approach Pilates:


*Compliments sporting activities helping to reduce injury and improve performance

*Improves balance, mobility and flexibility making life a little easier (eg being able to put on socks and shoes)

*Learn to move effectively and efficiently during work and play

*Increase your mind-body awareness

*Helps counteract poor posture from manual work, driving or sitting at a desk

*Can reduce aches, pains and back pain

*Increases flexibility creating longer, leaner more agile muscles

*Focus on movement and clear your mind from the stresses of the day

*Improves core abdominal and back muscles.


Suitable for men of all ages and abilities and in a relaxed atmosphere you are encouraged to work at a pace and level that suits you.


Classes are restricted to male participants only.


5:30-6:15pm Guide Hall John Street Helensburgh


To Book your place or for more information email me at

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