Fusion Fitness is a fantastic class. It is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. One week might be a section of Aerobics then weights and finished with abdominal work or it might be Combat, toning ending with Pilates but not limited to these mentioned.

The class will change every week so you won’t get bored and your body won’t plateaux.

As with all my classes it is YOUR class. You decide how hard you work and how much you do. It can be challenging but how challenging is up to you. This class is enjoyed by men and women of all ages and abilities.

You will:

  • get your heart rate up
  • tone up
  • strengthen the whole body
  • lengthen with a good stretch every session

The session changes weekly using bands, mini balls, intervals, weights and more so your body is challenged to avoid boredom and reaching a plateaux.

Classes are online, face to face and available for catch up:

Thursday’s 9.15am for the live session

What you need and wear to classes:

A mat, comfortable clothing and a drink.

Each week in the WhatsApp group I will let you know what equipment and alternatives is needed.

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