Corporate Fitness Classes





A fit workforce is a happy workforce.

If staff are not functioning to their full potential then there is a risk of higher sickness rate which not only effects the client but the organisation as sickness rates take a toll on the productivity of your business.

We know some of the benefits of exercise:

  • Better mental health as it reduces depression
  • less chronic disease
  • fewer aches, pains and injuries
  • reduced stress and improved wellbeing
  • reduces risk of heart disease and stroke
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduce type 2 diabetes

Poor posture is common when sitting at a desk all day, or through incorrect lifting techniques and sitting driving all day, all this results in headaches, a rounded back, imbalances in your body, back issues all of which can effect your day to day life and sleep.

Working on Posture, alignment and core strength in a functional manner can help to eliminate and reduce these effects.

Sessions can run online via zoom, Facebook or a platform you use and some of this can be one or a mix of:

  • Pilates
  • Yogalates
  • Seated fitness – on or around the chair for mobility, weights/body weight, cardio, stretch

Using bands, weights, mini balls, spiky / tennis ball only if you have this available.

My class is a challenging yet safe and non impact and suitable for men and women of all ages, levels and abilities. Each exercise can be performed at different levels of intensity with modifications where needed and you are encouraged to do what feels right for you. This is YOUR class.


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