Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard for many people and this can be due to doing too much at once.

We start full of enthusiasm and a huge list of what we want to change then we feel overwhelmed and often we give up. It is best to tackle it a little at time.

If you want to increase your exercise habit then build up your exercise frequency. Start to incorporate more movement into your day along with your structured routine you already have in place.

If you want to lose weight, first find a way of eating that works best for you. Don’t massively restrict your food intake because a couple of days in you will be starving and eat everything in sight! Improve your quality of food.

Sleep well to rest your body and let it repair. Find a bedtime routine that works for you. Bath and bed, music, sitting in silence, reading find what works for you.

Add one good habit at a time, notice how good it makes you feel then your motivation will roll in encouraging you to do more and more!