1-2-1 Sessions

One to one sessions


Choose to work out in the comfort of your home, in my private space or via Zoom.










A private session is where we work on your needs and its tailored to you.

With these sessions, time can be spent on focusing on you compared to the class situation.

Perhaps you already attend one of my classes but may want some sessions to allow me to look at and improve something specific. This could be your posture or technique. My group classes are mixed ability and options are always given to you to allow you to work at your level however, you might feel you want a one to one to know exactly how to tailor the classes to you.

One to one sessions are also great for older adults who specifically want to Improve e.g. balance or reduce risk of falls.

As an Older Adult Specialist Instructor with experience and qualifications in Cardiac Rehabiltation, Falls Prevention, Orthopaedic Fitness Pilates and Fitness Pilates for Older Adults you can be rest assured I have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Ideas of sessions could be for

  • Reducing your risk of falls,
  • Pilates for all ages: beginners to advanced
  • Strength,
  • Flexibility,
  • Seated sessions
  • Menopause sessions looking at a holistic approach of sleep, fitness, nutrition…
  • Technique sessions.

You may want a weekly, fortnightly session or 1 or 2 to work on technique.

Get in touch with me and I can help you.

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