50’s+ & Cardiac Rehabilitation

As the local older adult fitness expert and specialist exercise instructor I empower older adults with the ability to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle through functional exercises.

Staying active as we age is very important to keep your energy levels up and reduce the risk of falls, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, dementia and weight. It will increase your bone density, muscle tone, flexibility and range of movement in your joints. We may not be able to stop ourselves getting older every year but we can slow down our biological age!

These classes are fun and friendly for men, women and cardiac rehab. Everyone is welcoming and many enjoy moving on for a coffee and a chat after class.

The best thing about this class is everyone has the right attitude to why they are exercising! Their reasons are to stay independent, improve mobility, balance and mood.

50’s+ is a low impact exercise class that allows you to work at your own pace and level to improve aerobic fitness, balance, strength and flexibility using functional exercises. We also work on how to effectively engage our abdominals (core) and how to really improve posture.

By functional we mean giving you exercises that help you with daily living such as arm strengthening to help you open a cupboard or use the kettle for a cup of tea and stability exercises that may reduce your risk of falling.

My aim is to keep you feeling young, fit and healthy, arming you with the knowledge you need to move through your day with more body awareness therefore reducing niggles, aches and pains.

All you need is comfortable clothing and shoes and a drink.

Come along to any of the following classes:

Monday 10am Helensburgh Parish Main Hall and Online
Friday 10.30am Guide Hall John Street Helensburgh

What you need and wear to classes:

Wear comfortable clothing and trainers or comfortable flat shoes. Bring a drink to keep your hydration levels topped up throughout the class. Please bring a list of medicines, any inhalers, GTN etc you may need. If you have a referral form from completing BACPR Phase III cardiac rehabilitation please bring that along too.

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