“I find the Body Harmony class that Angela takes is a great mix of Pilates and yoga – great for stretching, toning, posture and balance. It doesn’t matter what your ability is – the class is friendly and everyone is made to feel welcome. It finishes with a wonderful ten minute relaxation – a ‘mini meditation if you like -that, in my opinion, makes it all worth while – I feel I am left with a wonderful feeling of calm. Overall I just find the class a great mix and it’s great that the moves are not the same every week”.

Caroline, Cardross

“Having had back problems on and off for years, over the years I had consulted 3 different physiotherapists not for any reason other than time and availability. Each had a different reason for the back problems. When I attended Angela’s Fitness Pilates classes and found an emphasis on posture, each of the physiotherapists diagnosis made sense. Now I understand that the problems that I suffered stemmed from bad posture. So many thanks to Angela and Pilates for solving my problems and meantime I am trying to concentrate on improving my posture”.

Carol, Rosneath

“I started going to Angela’s Fitness Pilates class about 8 years ago, a great class and introduction to Pilates Angela’s very encouraging and helpful instruction is clear and concise. This most enjoyable class led me to go to 50’s+ & Cardiac Rehab great on a different level it certainly built up my stamina. Angela will adapt exercises for specific problems and gives great advice. The class is fun and everyone is very friendly.

I became really brave and tried Zumba which I love. The routine changes regularly is great fun and uplifting with lots of regular clients – which says a lot!

Body Harmony is a mix of Pilates and yoga and lovely mood setting with candles and lights. She helps everyone with various different problems – nothing is too much trouble for Angela, super instructor, super classes a great help with my serious back problem. A very big thank you!”

Margaret, Helensburgh

“I have attended Angela’s Zumba class for a few years now. It’s suitable for all ages and you can work as little or as hard as you are able. It is great exercise, great company and most importantly great fun! You come out of class feeling good and set for the rest of the day. Highly recommended”.

Jean, Helensburgh

“I attend 50’s+, Zumba and Body Harmony and would recommend Angela’s classes as very beneficial to overall fitness. You can always do them to your own ability or you can push yourself to do a wee bit more each week and that always makes you feel good, best of all they are great fun and you meet lots of lovely people”.

Laraine, Helensburgh

Fitness Pilates is an enjoyable class which improved my general flexibility and made me much more aware of my general posture especially when sitting at the computer. Core strength is still a work in progress but with Angela’s help it will improve”.


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