Eating well we know is beneficial for our health, hair, skin, nails, muscle growth, gut… the list goes on. Eating as clean as we can is a great way to pack in your nutrition especially with vegetables. Clean eating is without additives etc so no shop bought ready meals and processed foods.
Try to pack in your vegetables in different ways:
Add vegetables to sauces – if you make your own pasta sauce pop in some extra vegetables which can be chunky or blitzed.
Cauliflower rice – I enjoy this and it can be in place of rice or alongside your meals.
Smoothies – I pop in a banana for some sweetness then pile in cucumber, kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, cinnamon, ginger and peanut butter but you can find your own combinations. Its easier to consume as a drink than sitting eating a pile of veg on your plate
Soups – throw in whatever is lying around the house, fridge and freezer, you can spice it up with chilli add what you like. Eat as a lunch or a small bowl before your meals.
Fritatta – I like frying onion, courgette, broccoli (again what you have to hand) I then pour over eggs and cheese and sometimes chilli
Ratatouille – I like to make this in a pot then transfer to an oven dish, grate cheese over it and heat it in the oven. It can be eaten as a big portion alone or as an accompaniment to your meals
salads – add apple, nuts, cheese (cheddar or feta), avocado, make it interesting and add dressings