Men and Pilates

(Not just for women)


Most people don’t automatically think of men when you mention Pilates however many male athletes and celebrities know the benefits of Pilates for their sport or for their body.

Pilates can be mistaken to be too easy however as with any exercise if you are not putting much effort in or not doing it properly then it can be easy. However, If you are applying the principles of Pilates – Control, Centering, Breathing, Concentration and Precision then you will feel and see the benefits that it brings to your sport and to your daily life activities.

Pilates helps to improve

  • core strength,
  • balance,
  • stability,
  • range of movement
  • flexibility.

With good instruction you will understand how to engage your core correctly and perform the movements to the best of your ability and progress at your pace.

It works your core but it works your whole body and with my classes you will also challenge balance and correct muscle imbalances that you may have.

Age isn’t a barrier either. It can benefit you at any age and as we get older it becomes more important to keep your body in tip top condition.

Every exercise I give you there are various levels to choose from and slow and steady wins the race.

My class has a varied age group and mixed abilities. Some of the things the men like about the class is the social aspect, the sleep benefit and the stretching of their tight muscles.

If it sounds like something you would like to try you are welcome to come along on a Wednesday evening 6-6.45pm at the Helensburgh Parish Church Hall or you can contact me to have a chat about the class for more information.