10 Excuses NOT to Exercise

I don’t have enough time. However, you have enough time to sit and watch TV and surfing the internet and social media. Cut back your time doing these or exercise while you watch the TV.

I don’t have the motivation to exercise. Yes you need motivation to do anything but maybe instead of thinking ‘I need to fit in 30/45 minutes of exercise in’ you tell yourself I will do a few minutes of exercise and you may find you complete your full workout in the end.

I am too embarrassed/everyone is fitter than me. Maybe they are fitter because they have been exercising longer however they probably started off at the same point as you are at now and over time their fitness and coordination has improved.

Too stressed to exercise. I know if I am feeling stressed or exasperated and then I go off and teach my session or do my own session I feel so much better afterwards. The tension has eased, my mind is clearer and the problem isn’t at the number 10 on the scale it was before I started. Exercise releases endorphins, your feel good hormones. It takes your mind away from your worries and tensions and it doesn’t need to be a hardcore session either to reap the benefits.

Another reason is tiredness. I am too tired to exercise, I get it, I do. Again, this is one thing that really helps to waken me up. Exercise is a great way to boost your energy. You can workout and find you have more energy also one of the reasons why tyou dont want to exercise too close to bedtime. Choose your session to the way you feel, a Pilates session, my Walk-In workout or just getting outdoors for a walk might be enough to waken you up.

It’s too cold to exercise. With the short days and colder weather it is a thought to get up and exercise. Exercise warms you up increasing the flow of blood and circulation around your body pushing warm blood towards your skin.

I don’t put on weight so I don’t need to exercise.  Your fat may not show on the outside but you may have visceral fat around your internal organs that you cant see and this type has been linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Exercise will help.

I feel sore after it and it’s an effort. Exercise shouldn’t be painful if it is it could be poor technique. There is a difference between muscle tiredness and physical pain. If you are using muscles you don’t normally use or your are working harder than normal then some muscle ache is normal just make sure you stretch off properly at the end of your session.

I am too old!  if I had a penny for every time I have heard this. To me, age is a number. Why? because I have many people who exercise and are fit in their 80s+. I look around and see many people a lot younger with an attitude to exercise and moving that is way beyond their years. You don’t need to go out running or do high impact sport, its just exercising within your capabilities to keep you young, well, independent and living longer. You will have less physical issues and a younger body inside and out.

I hate exercising! That’s probably why you are not choosing an activity you enjoy. There are many ways to exercise and by trying different things you will surely find what works for you and exercising with people is a great way to make it more enjoyable.