Stretching – is it important?

 Maybe you don’t exercise or not into a serious sport so do you need to stretch?


It helps our mobility in our day to day living.

It’s often when we are doing a daily activity that tight muscles come to the fore but you don’t really think it’s because your tight.

Let’s have a think of how you are sitting or standing right now. Can you roll your shoulders back and decrease the hunch you would have when you are slumped? No? What about reaching being able up into the cupboard? No?  Can you easily wash and brush your hair or easily fix your shirt collar at the back? No?

Muscles become tight and short and can’t do their job properly, your body is unable to move effectively and efficiently.  You can’t hold your body up properly and you may cause pain somewhere else in your body.

If you sit all day your hamstrings and hip flexors get tight its then harder to straighten your leg or knee which inhibits your walking and could lead to back pain. The tight muscles then flex you forward placing pressure on your joints and back.

Stretching Improves:


Prevent falls


Relive chronic pain

Improve circulation

Range of motion

You won’t get results after one stretch you need to work at it and hold your stretches for 30 seconds and don’t bounce.