Hi all,

It has been difficult over the pandemic for people to maintain their healthy and fit lifestyles. Here at Angela’s Aerobics we have had the option to stay fit online! It has been fantastic still being able to work with people and help them stay fit which is what I totally enjoy doing.

Now classes are back in the community face to face albeit different to how classes used to be before lockdown. All the covid restrictions are in place and we are able to socially distance while we keep fit!

Everyone has been fantastic wearing masks to the last minute and back on right after their session, making good use of hand sanitisers, staying 3meters apart during and after the session. A massive well done to you all.

Here my members are ready for some social dis-dancing at Zumba.

We are now running a hybrid format at Angela’s Aerobics with some classes face to face and streaming to those at home to keep as many clients as possible fit and active.

It is great seeing you all again!