Right you’ve been eating really healthily and then you slip up on a night out or for an occasion and you feel so guilty and hate yourself, putting yourself down and feel a failure. Sound familiar?

Now what?  What do most people do, they go all out and gorge themselves because “I’ve done the damage now”. However, how you deal with it emotionally depends on whether you get back on track.

Wipe the slate clean

It’s ok to have slip ups. Was it too restrictive to keep going for a long period of time? Make sure your eating plan is healthy, calorie counting and jumping on and off scales isn’t for everyone.

Change your wording

As soon as someone says the word diet I want to eat everything in sight! Tell yourself it’s a new way of eating or a healthy eating plan.

Stop restricting yourself

You want a curry? Fish & chips? Cake? Make your own. There are dozens of recipes in books or the Internet which show you how to make a healthier version of takeawy. You then know exactly what’s going into it and can alter the spices etc to your palate.

Know your weakness

Why did you slip up? Where you stressed, lack of support or just how you are around food? Be prepared and have healthy options to hand. Don’t let yourself get too hungry or you will go for the quick easy junk option. Go and exercise to release those happy endorphins!


Plenty of  water through the day. Don’t drink fizzy whether it’s low sugar or not it’s so bad for you. If you are hungry it might actually be thirst so try that first.


On the right reason to eat well. Think better hair and skin, more energy, stronger body don’t just eat better for a holiday/night out, think longterm!