This week we are talking a little about….

Bone Health

This is so important as we get older and especially for women due to osteoporosis making it more important that you do what you can to keep your bones strong.

The best way to strengthen our bones I will list below. We know that if our bones are strong we have less chance of a fracture from a fall but also have good balance. Exercise and nutrition are key to strong bones.

  • Muscles pull on our bones so use resistance such as bands, weights and   body weight to do this effectively.
  • Ensure that the exercise you do is weight bearing.  Walking, running, dancing, climbing stairs, anything where you carry your weight. So NOT cycling, rowing or anything that carries your weight.
  • Higher impact and faster paced exercise compared to slow pace
  • Exercise which involves sudden change of direction
  • Move more. Long stunts of sitting will weaken not only your bones but your muscles.