Probably nothing you have considered before is “I really need to make sure my inner thigh is flexible” however if you think of the muscles involved and where they are you will understand that it is actually quite important that these muscles are not tight.There are 5 adductor muscles. These muscles come from the pubis and attach to various parts of the thigh bone. These pull our legs in towards the body and keep us stable.

Tight muscles shorten in length so If these muscles become tight they will pull your pelvis out of alignment and cause pain in the knee, hip and back therefore it will also affect how we walk. The muscles tighten to pull our legs in so the worst thing we can do really is sit with our legs crossed because we are effectively tightening and shortening them and weaken our outer thigh muscles.

There are several ways we can stretch these muscles. Sometimes in class we do this in standing and other times sitting on the floor.

Next time we stretch these muscles remember their importance and be sure to feel the stretch.