Women's Wellness & Menopause Programme

Women’s Wellness & Menopause Programme


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?Do you suffer from menopausal symptoms? 

?Are you feeling tired and lacking energy?

?Have you noticed weight gain?

?Do you feel stressed/on a short fuse?

If so, I can help you! ?

This a 14 day programme.

What you get:

✅information and videos on the different stages of menopause, 

✅nutrition and nutritional advice with meal suggestions, 

✅importance of hydration, 

✅stress and tips on lowering it as stress increases the hormone linked to weight gain, 

✅ weekly meditations, 

✅sleep & tips, 

✅online workouts and the choice to come to a face to face class live in a hall or streamed online, 

✅health talks on various menopause related topics, 

✅daily videos/chats on Facebook/WhatsApp to keep us all on track. 

Make time for you and your health ?


Contact me to book on!


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